H D Revanna Says DC Priyanka must quit if she doesn’t know her duties

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: May 09, 2019 12:28 IST
H D Revanna Says DC Priyanka must quit if she doesn’t know her duties

The State Public Works Department Minister H D Revanna has given a warning to Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Mary Francis, that she should be held responsible for the police firing on the farmers during the potato distribution.
While Revanna has talked to the press, however, days have passed from the first and second stage of general elections, DC Priyanka Mary Francis still did not try to hold a conference with the farmers who are hit by the drought situation.
Revanna has criticized stating “She must learn by referring to the previous meetings carried out by her predecessors in the district. The state congress and Janata Dal (S)has released Rs 8 crores for relief measures in drought-hit areas of which Rs 5 cores is reserved only for drinking water purpose”.
“This DC has locked the money and is not even attempting to release it. If she doesn’t know her duties, let her leave the job”.
He also criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and said, “On one hand, the BJP leaders say that the state coalition government must act promptly and swiftly against drought. On the other, they write a letter to the Election Commission stating that until and unless the election model code of conduct is revoked, no developmental projects should be implemented.
Revanna asked, “If the EC doesn’t give permission to organize a meeting, then how are we supposed to solve the drought issue”?
Meanwhile, DC Priyanka Mary Francis, reacting to H D Revanna’s statements, said, “The district administration has been conducting a task force meet once a week and regarding the fixation of price for potato crop, we have already held a meeting with the farmers”.
“No election model code of conduct will stand as a barrier in the matters of drought and that there won’t be any police firing instances as any work pending pertaining to the farmers, will be done then and there”, she guaranteed.