Has Earth's toughest weird creature settled on the moon?

Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: August 07, 2019 17:39 IST
Has Earth's toughest weird creature settled on the moon?

Has Earth's toughest weird creature settled on the moon?
Apart from Chandrayaan-2, another movement of the moon is raging in the science world these days. The question is whether a few days ago on the moon, a colony of very small creatures has been established, which are able to survive for any number of years.
In the world of biology, these very microscopic organisms known as Tardigrades or water bears. They can also live for years without food and water in extremely hot or extremely cold. Not only this, the ability of this organism is such that even radiation cannot harm this creature.
Now the question is, how can these creatures who cannot see with naked eyes reach the moon? The answer to this question is hidden in Israel's moon mission. Prior to India's mission Chandrayaan-2, Israel also tried to send a satellite to the moon. It must have reached the moon, but crashed while landing on the moon's surface.
The foundation chairman of Ork Mission ‘Nova Spewak’ said he hoped these weird creature managed to survive when the crash landing on the moon of Bereshit. He also explains that these creatures can tolerate heat up to 150° C. He further said that these organisms can tolerate temperatures of -272° C.
Nova Spewak says that if these creatures would have survived alive, they could easily withstand the pressure of the moon. The scientists are currently investigating further about this mystery.