Hyderabad based activist seeks bank loan to contest as MP

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 12, 2019 18:21 IST
Hyderabad based activist seeks bank loan to contest as MP

Hyderabad based activist seeks a bank loan to contest as MP
A Hyderabad based social activist who is fighting corruption shocked the Telugu states with the plea he submitted to one of the regional banks. K Venkata Ramana who also wishes to contest as MP from Secunderabad constituency has applied for the loan at Canara bank on the same.
“From years I want to be active in politics with an intention to serve the people. I hereby request you to grant me a loan to support my intention to contest as MP,” read his plea to sanction loan as soon as possible. He also made it clear that he wants to contest as he is vexed with the rooted corruption in the State.
Venkata Ramana also said that he is been fighting for this cause from the past 15 years and has also organized various awareness programs regarding corruption. “We all observe corruption at various levels in government offices but somehow ignore it but I have made up my mind to fight against this. I have dragged a number of culprits to the court," he added.
He stated that he comes from a middle-class family which is not supporting him for his cause for which he has applied the loan of Rs 5 Lakh at a local bank. Venkataramana already contested as an independent for the assembly from Amberpet Constituency in 2014. “I applied for the loan in the past too but banks refused to grant loan but this time I am hopeful about the loan,” he said.
We see many activists around who fight against certain social evils, but rare are those people like Venkataramana who render their life to a deep-rooted system flaw like corruption.