In Ayodhya hearing, Petitioner told Supreme Court: 'I am putting to torture'

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: August 09, 2019 17:31 IST
In Ayodhya hearing, Petitioner told Supreme Court: 'I am putting to torture'

In Ayodhya Hearing, Petitioner told the Supreme Court: "I am putting to torture"
A Muslim party today objected to a five-day-a-week hearing of the politically delicate Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid property conflict in Ayodhya at the Supreme Court. He stated that it would "not be willing to help" the court if the hearing will be in quick.
Senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan, who appears for a Muslim group, produced the submission when the Supreme Court commenced hearing in the case on the fourth day. The top tribunal decided to hear the delicate case on Friday, which is kept only new cases along with Monday, breaking with the tradition.
According to the processes of the top court, the registry lists new and various instances after notice instances before the benches on Mondays and Fridays. The court can’t be assisted if it is heard on all weekdays. He told the bench which includes including Justices SA Bobde, Ashok Bhushan, SA Nazeer and DY Chandrachud that that was the first appeal and that way the hearing can't be rushed and he was put to torture.
Mr Dhavan said that Documentary evidence must be researched as a first appeal. Many papers are to be transcribed in Urdu and Sanskrit.
The lawsuit lodged by the deity in the case of Ayodhya also rendered Lord Ram's birthplace a co-petitioner and sought claim over the entire 2,77 acre of contested territory at Ayodhya where the structure was destroyed on December 6, 1992.