In Delhi Yamuna river touches the danger mark: Around 10,000 evacuated

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 20, 2019 16:51 IST
In Delhi Yamuna river touches the danger mark: Around 10,000 evacuated

Over 10,000 individuals residing in small-lying regions along the Delhi Yamuna were relocated by government entities as on Monday night, authorities said, the river broke the risk mark. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said neighbouring Haryana is likely to improve the level of water in the river further using more release from the Hathnikund dam.

People residing in the river's floodplain were shifted to more than 2,000 stations set up in safer locations by multiple government agencies in Delhi. For roads and railways traffic, the officials locked the Old Iron Bridge over the Yamuna as the water level passed the 205.33-meter hazard mark.
A special officer said that in perspective of the increasing Yamuna rate, approximately 10,000 individuals were displaced from the flood plain and transferred to aid tents built by the government.
Mr Kejriwal said that the next two days will be "crucial" and told individuals that all provisions were made to cope with the matter and requested not to panic to individuals. Speaking at the press conference, the chief minister said that, according to official projections, more than 23,800 individuals will be needed to move out of poor-lying regions.
He also asked the Yamuna flood plain residents to move to the aid cabins and not to wander out to their families. The river broke the risk mark at 6 p.m. and flowed at 205.36 meters. The representative also said the water level is anticipated to increase further as Haryana issued Monday at 6 p.m. 1,43 lakh cusec water.