In way of Mahatma Gandhi, leaders hit the road for people to connect

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 12, 2019 17:17 IST
In way of Mahatma Gandhi, leaders hit the road for people to connect

In way of Mahatma Gandhi, leaders hit the road for people to connect
It is the Mahatma Gandhi effect since the court organizes the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the nation. The ruling BJP, which has robust social machinery. PM Narendra Modi communicated, has asked all BJP MPs to participate in padayatra covering 150 km over 10 days, between October 2 and October 31, the birth anniversary of MK Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, their respective constituencies.
PM Modi said to MPs, ”Mahatma Gandhi and villages should be our focus.” BJP spokesman Narayanan Thirupati expressed “we are for Grama Raja, as India has the vast number of villages and different cultures. While technological development has fast urbanized India, politicians should know and understand the pulse of the people and their problems, especially of those living in villages, and the state of agriculture first hand. While productivity has increased, there is a problem as expenses are higher than agriculture returns. We need to find a solution and find out where we are on this travel.”
DMK president M K Stalin has started the padayatra- Namakku Name’- in the run-up to the 2016 assembly elections. Although MDMK general secretary Vaiko and veteran Congress leader and president of Gandhi Forum, Kumar Ananthan, under the padayatras, intermittently, demanding total prohibition. MDMK spokesman G Nanmaran said, “After Mahatma Gandhi, it is Vaiko, who should have undertaken the most number of padayatras.”
MDMK spokesperson Nanmaran says, he gets to interact with people, social media, and television, add it has its own positive impact. “While Vaiko has walked through several districts in the state in one particular phase- between Kovalam and Kancheepuram- demanding closure of liquor shops, women and children in large numbers came out and appreciated his initiative. As menfolk were spending all the earnings on liquor, the women water Vaiko to continue his march until the shops were closed. Whether the shops were closed or not, the message on the ills of liquor reached people,” he said.
At the time of LS polls and Assembly by-polls Stalin was a walk every morning form his place stay during his hectic campaign schedule.
“The concepts of public meetings, processions, and human chains have become irrelevant. While crowds are mostly mobilized, the concept of committed cadres of principle parties had faded out. Padayatra is a public outrace too for meeting people parties directly and understanding their problem and hence they are getting back to the only format that existed in the past,” said M Kasi Nathan. He also said “Direct connect with the people also helps reduce the impact of social media campaigns, which are mostly biased. It is a welcome measure.”