Incommunicado Kamal Haasan puts off MNM cadre

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 28, 2019 16:56 IST
Incommunicado Kamal Haasan puts off MNM cadre

Incommunicado Kamal Haasan puts off MNM cadre
Actor turned politician MNM leader Kamal Haasan became inaccessible after the Lok Sabha polls defeat. Various workers are not pleased about their leader's unavailability after the elections. Yet, the MNM leadership ignored the lament, saying they were preparing for a “big program” for the 2021 assembly elections.
A while after MNM faced its first elections, in which has got 3.72% votes, the 14- the month-old party is facing criticism about its leadership and state of affairs. Haasan is present with the reality show Bigg Boss’s season-3.
Functionaries said that several candidates, who were newcomers to politics, have been seeking to the approach MNM chief and request disciplinary action against some who performed against the party’s interests.
The party has also not reacted to the continues water issue where even the international community, including Hollywood actor and UN ambassador for climate change Leonardo Dicaprio, has.
“When feel neglected after the elections. We don’t know what to do next and we don't know where we are headed. There is no communication from the party or response to our pleas.” A source said who opposed in the election. They last met the actor when he hosted a lunch for party seniors on May 26.
‘We don’t have any feedback from the MNM office and many LS candidates want to meet you and explain since there is no positive response fro MNM. Give us hope sir, N Rajendran tweeted who opposed from Arakkonam in the Lok Sabha poll, adding Kamal Hassan.
MNM Vice President Mahendran said the party was ready for the 2021 assembly polls in a big way. “ we have done an internal evaluation and analyzed everything in the last one month,” he said.