India should not play with Pakistan in ICC World Cup: Harbhajan singh

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 19, 2019 15:48 IST
India should not play with Pakistan in ICC World Cup: Harbhajan singh

After the Pulwama attack, Indians are going against Pakistan in their best possible way. Hacking, hiking taxes, banning Pakistani actors, calling off broadcasting their tournaments etc. Here comes former Indian Off-spinner with a new proposal which BCCI should consider as a respect to our armed force. Bhajji opined that India should not play Pakistan in the upcoming ICC World Cup on June 6th because of the Pulwama attack that took the lives of 49 CRPF soldiers.
Already India does not have any cricketing ties with Pakistan. But they couldn’t do anything as they have to follow the schedule for ICC hosted events. Even ICC agreed that they intentionally making India and Pakistan play against each other in its events. Now Harbhajan is saying that last possibility of seeing both India and Pakistan players must be screwed.
"Indian team is very strong enough to win the World Cup even without having to play Pakistan. I think India should break all the cricketing ties with Pakistan as a mark of respect for the armed force. Country comes first and we are all standing behind our country. The attack was unbelievable and very wrong," said Bajji. Let’s see how BCCI and ICC react on Bhaji’s statements on the greatest fight in the cricketing history and the high-voltage match that the cricketing world would ever witnesses.