India vs Pakistan match, weather update in Manchester today

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 16, 2019 12:44 IST
India vs Pakistan match, weather update in Manchester today

Intermittent showers expected to disrupt marquee contest

India vs Pakistan Manchester Weather Update, World Cup 2019: The biggest threat right now in the World Cup is the rain. And that rain has set the nerves jangling ahead of the biggest clash of the competition — India vs Pakistan. The general atmosphere in Manchester is like, "Please rain gods, stay away." The travelling fans are nervous. Some of them have paid a bomb just for this contest. There is a nervous buzz in the city. It rained in the afternoon on the eve of the match and Pakistan had to train indoors, but then it cleared up in the evening and night. It was cool and sunny at around 8.30 pm and didn't rain throughout the evening. That would have settled some nerves temporarily. But well, it's the English weather and it's as unpredictable as Pakistan.
Today, Manchester will see mostly two colors painted from one end to the other — blue and green. The blue of India and the green of Pakistan as the marquee cricket contest between the two nations is set to take place on ICC World Cup 2019 at the Old Trafford stadium. This is a game of high significance in terms of semi-final qualification, and that is all it should be. These are two good ODI sides and they will be looking to collect two more points and cement their place in the semis.
Despite the clash just being a game of cricket, the hype has been created by the fans in the lead up to the tournament. Whenever the two neighbours meet each other on a world stage, political undercurrents come alive outside the cricket pitch as well. Keeping the political and cultural significance aside, even in pure cricketing terms, an India vs Pakistan match stays a big contest as the two teams include some of the finest talent in world cricket.