Is Galla Jayadev BJP's next target?

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: March 04, 2019 15:07 IST
Is Galla Jayadev BJP's next target?

Is Galla Jayadev BJP's next target?
As the saga of Enforcement Directorate raids continues, accuses on BJP party for misusing the power with the national institutes are also increasing. As the general elections in Andhra Pradesh are falling by, it is important for the MPs and MLA to keep their hands clean while the saffron party is busy targeting the TDP leaders.
On this note, Galla Jayadev, TDP MP from Guntur joins the club by accusing the saffron party of misusing the ED and I-T to misguide the public and weaken the ruling party in the State.
He said that BJP started blackmailing the TDP leader and if that didn’t work they are misusing their power on the leaders. “Anyone who questions BJP will be considered as an anti-national person and will be attacked verbally. They are even trying to target me as I started questioning Modi’s inefficiency in the Parliament in the Budget session," he added.
Galla Jayadev who is also an eminent businessman in the State stated that BJP is spreading rumors that his businesses are under IT raids and claimed that it is not true. “I am ready to face any investigation. However, ED had questioned me for eight hours as I have been one of the prominent voices opposing the BJP from TDP. My confidence in answering every question they have posed is hurting them,” he noted.
He also accused that the ED officials misbehaved with him during the investigation and the parties like BJP, TRS and YSRCP are doing everything to ensure that TDP loses. He stated that no one can stop Telugu Desam Party’s victory in Andhra Pradesh.