Is It the End of the Road for Harish Rao in TRS?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 15, 2019 18:40 IST
Is It the End of the Road for Harish Rao in TRS?

Harish Rao, the popular mass leader and a troubleshooter in TRS, is now being ignored, confined and is getting humiliation in his own party. The Siddipet MLA and former irrigation minister is famous for his sincerity and commitment which strengthened the party from years suddenly finds him ignored in the party.
Lately, the dynamic leader gave a tough fight to the leaders like Jagga Reddy and Vanteru Prathap Reddy. The leaders who get backing by Congress and TDP high commands rebuked TRS and the family members of KCR in Medak district. But Harish Rao never yielded and didn’t lose the ground in the home district of KCR.
Vanteru and Jagga Reddy now becoming the close allies for KCR are making Harish an outsider. In a recent press meet, Jagga Reddy termed Harish Rao as a blackmailer and a thief while praising KCR and KTR, to be honest leaders. Vanteru even threated Harish not to come to Gajwel which is KCR's home constituency.
After the recent Chandi Yagam conducted by KCR which has been given as the responsibility to Vanteru, the murmurs are around in the TRS circles that Harish Rao is getting ignored and none of the TRS leaders is coming forward to counter in support of him. To round it off, rumors are that all these shows that it's the end of the road for Harish in TRS.