Is Jagan politicizing Viveka’s murder?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 16, 2019 17:10 IST
Is Jagan politicizing Viveka’s murder?

Is Jagan politicizing Viveka’s murder?
As time passes by, new assumptions are popping up in Y.S. Vivekanada's murder case. Though the death is declared as a natural one in the morning hours, later it took the brutal shape with the detection of seven injuries on Viveka’s head and body. The post mortem report released later also has claimed that the former minister had a suspicious death.
Sakshi, the news channel which is being run by the YS family is the first one to report the death of Viveka. Without referring to the preliminary reports the channel has disclosed that it was a natural death which was telecasted for about 3 hours. If the body is found in a pool of blood with injuries, why did the news channel telecast the wrong information? Is this to mislead the media?
On the other hand, YSRCP started accusing the Telugu Desam Party leaders of conspiring against the YSR family. Y.S Jagan, the chief of YSRCP has directly accused AP Chief Minister and IT Minister Nara Lokesh in the press meet held specifically to blame the government. “My grandfather, then my father, and now my uncle was killed in a brutal way in the tenure of same Chief Minister. It is made obvious that my family has been targeted,” said Jagan
Blaming the ruling party without proper proofs and by misleading the people with wrong information, is YSRCP chief politicizing the death of his own uncle? However, several speculations still prevail in the suspicious death of Viveka. Why the crime scene is seen tampered, which could have helped the police establish facts and investigate it, Why didn't they inform the police immediately after they came to know about the death? Why was Viveka’s body shifted to the hospital when it was the police's duty to do so? How did Y.S. Avinash Reddy, who first called the police, get to know about the death when he was not living in the same house? Why were the police not allowed to investigate the crime scene then and there? questions like these still remain unanswered.
If YSRCP is in a notion to politicize the murder, it would be one of the biggest mistakes the party has ever done. The facts in the suspicious death clearly show how YSRCP is desperate to go to any extent to ensure that it wins AP Elections this time. However, the political analysts feel that the YSRCP and the party would have let the police investigate the case instead of making baseless accusations on the ruling party.