Is the clash between Comedian Prithvi and Nagababu sorted out?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 14, 2019 15:00 IST
Is the clash between Comedian Prithvi and Nagababu sorted out?

Is the clash between comedian Prithvi and Nagababu sorted out?
Prithvi, one of the comedians in TFI has recently joined YSRCP. This decision has shocked many as he is an ardent follower of Chiranjeevi and worked relentlessly for Prajarajyam Party back in 2009.
Prithvi teamed up with the Mega brother Nagababu in campaigning for Chiranjeevi and handled a crucial role in the administration back then. Being a loyalist to the Mega family, gossips that Prithvi made some controversial revelations on Jana Sena Party after joining YSRCP made rounds. Nagababu warned the comedian on his comments about the flow of funds in Jana Sena.
In one of the interview, Nagababu has challenged Prithvi to talk to him directly rather passing comments in their absence. He asked Prithvi to call him the same day and he is ready to talk about the issue. When asked about this Prithvi stated that he has already called up Nagababu and confronted the fact that he never bad mouthed Janasena.
"I've called Nagababu garu the same day and spoke to him. Even he knows how loyal I’m to the Mega family. There are some misunderstandings and I have clarified him that I have never made any such blunt comments on Janasena. We sorted out the issue,” said Prithvi.
Inside talk is that though Prithvi hopped into YSRCP, he is said to be refusing to go against or bad mouth the Mega family or Janasena party but will this go well with the political scenario where targeting the opponents is the main motto.