Jagan slams Modi and Chandra Babu

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 02, 2019 14:30 IST
Jagan slams Modi and Chandra Babu

For the past few months, TDP is spreading propaganda that YS Jagan conspired with Narendra Modi to bail out himself from the Quid-Pro-Quo Case. And now, YCP Chief offered a befitting reply to the negative campaign against him. He slashed against the NDA government over the yesterday’s budget as a cheap political trick. 
Jagan alleged that the schemes that has been introduced just before the elections were only to influence the voters. In performing this kind of politics, both state and central governments have done Ph.D., he said. He also demanded the inclusion of any benefits to Andhra after the bifurcation process that they had promised. He alleged Chandra Babu that this is all because of his inefficiency and the people has to suffer as CM has compromised after cash-for-vote scandal.
This opposition party leader also reacted on Chandrababu’s protest yesterday who was wearing a black shirt in Assembly. He recalled that Babu has passed four resolutions appreciating NDA government after accepting the package and now he is doing such stunts at the time of elections. He also stated that he was not offered at least 30 seconds for protesting against the special package in Assembly. Privilege Motion has been moved against our MLA’s for staging protest. Chandrababu Naidu is now behaving like a murderer who conducts peace rally after committing the crime.