Jagan’s strategies to boost the morale of his cadre

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 26, 2019 10:46 IST
Jagan’s strategies to boost the morale of his cadre

Jagan’s strategies to boost the morale of his cadre
Unlike 2014 elections which have only TDP and YSRCP as the main contestants, this time the fight became tougher with the foray of Pawan Kalyan into active politics. With both the parties continuously targeting YSRCP stating that the party is shadowing TRS, the party cadre has seen losing their moral as the elections are fast approaching.
To meet this, YS Jagan and his team have come with an idea which would probably boost the morale of the fans and followers and this is been extensively used in the digital campaigning also.
Jagan happened to arrange a digital clock at the party office which displays the countdown for April 11, the assembly polls time. The clock is also seen with the line ‘Bye Bye Babu’ written on it.
However, few the party members have opined that this would not help anyway as the same kind of campaign is made in 2014 with the name ‘Nene CM’ which didn’t fetch Jagan the CM seat. For various reasons, people of AP has opted with Chandrababu who is believed to build the bifurcated state with the deficit budget.
Though Pawan and Jagan are extensively campaigning with impressive speech attended by thousands of fans, the citizens at some corner doubt the inexperienced ruling of the duo. As the maximum of the projects is midway, political analyst feels there are better chances for Chandrababu to come to a ruling.
Nonetheless, there is one thing that needs to be appreciated, Jagan’s efforts to boost the morale of his party cadre irrespective of the results.