Janasena’s target is 100 crores

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 03, 2019 13:43 IST
Janasena’s target is 100 crores

Pawan Kalyan said that he entered the politics with the aim of creating change thereby establishing 'new age politics'. Thought the poll results tasted bitter to him, he succeeded in sticking to his principles every time. Generally, politicians bribe people to get their support during the elections. But Pawan Kalyan wanted to get money from the voters who voted for him in the elections.

It is all about when Naga Babu issued a video message appealing all those who support the Jana Sena Party to donate generously so that the target of Rs 100 crore party fund can be achieved. In 2019 general elections, Janasena got 6.8% vote share in AP I.e 20 lakh voters voted for Janasena. So according to their target, each voter should donate Rs.500.
Now, the question is whether everyone voted for Janasena donates five hundred rupees for the party? There is no doubt that hardcore fans of Powerstar who wish to take part in his mission won't hesitate to donate Rs 500 or whatever they could. Already many donated thousands of rupees individually yesterday. But expecting 100crores from fans alone is way too much to anticipate. Anticipating those neutral voters who back Pawan in the recent elections to offer to fund is like expecting too much.