Jayaram's murder case: Is the murder shot on a mobile phone?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 18, 2019 19:24 IST
Jayaram's murder case: Is the murder shot on a mobile phone?

Express TV MD Chigurupati Jayaram's murder case is taking new turns by each passing day. On the sixth day of the investigation, the court has sent Rakesh Reddy, the main accused in the case into the olive custody. There is a new video shot on mobile that is going to be the key to send the accused behind the bars.
According to the police records, Rakesh Reddy, rowdy sheeter Nagesh and Jayaram’s nephew Vishal are accused to be present at the crime scene. The police are trying to establish whether all of them have abused Jayaram by hitting or only Rakesh is there in the crime scene. Before killing him, they've actually forced Jayaram to sign empty stamp papers.

It is also accused that Rakesh and his associates have shot the signing process on their mobiles. Police are now suspecting if they have shot the whole murder too and are investigating towards it. If that video is found, it would be an easy job for the cops to arrest the accused.
Rakesh the A1 accused is reportedly not cooperating to the police interrogation which is making the job of police little tougher. The accused are being taken to Nandigama as well where they have left the dead body of Jayaram in a car, some crucial findings might come out.