JD(S) and Congress parties waiting for SC judgement

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 20, 2019 18:00 IST
JD(S) and Congress parties waiting for SC judgement

JD(S) and Congress parties waiting for apex court of a favourable judgment
The JD(S) and Congress leaders are waiting for the judgment of the Supreme Court on the political issue under the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. The belove to convince that the rebel MLAs are back to the party.
The sources said, “We approached the court on Friday afternoon seeking relief from the current confusion over the party’s right to issue whip. The court is expected to give some kind of clarity on the issue.” The party was believed that favourable judgment by the apex court, which strong signal to the 15 rebel MLAs.
JD(S) sources said “JD(S) national president H.D. Deve Gowda is confident that the Governor cannot intervene. After seeking legal advice, he asked Mr. Kumaraswamy to not bother and go ahead with the session proceedings.” Kumaraswamy had asked in the middle of the session in Supreme Court. “Most likely, we will move the court on Monday. We are exploring all legal angles,” the sources said.
JD(S) sources said, “we are not against the vote.” We have moved the motion. The Speaker has clarified that it can’t be put to vote immediately. What is the hurry?” We will wait for the Supreme Court’s decision as we believe the State is heading towards a constitutional crisis. We believe the Governor by writing letters is building a case for keeping the House under suspended animation.”