Kamal Haasan bats for strong Gram Sabhas

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 29, 2019 13:22 IST
Kamal Haasan bats for strong Gram Sabhas

Kamal Haasan bats for strong Gram Sabhas
Makkal Needhi Mariam chief Kamal Hassan stated that strengthening Gram Sabhas all over Tamil Nadu will raise the voice of the people and will be more effective than protests.
Mr. Haasan sad after participating in 72 Gram Sabha meetings form over Tamil Nadu from video conferencing availability at the party’s headquarters in Chennai.
“Gram Sabha is a wonderful way for the people to make their voices heard without protests or shootings. Strong Gram Sabha is a far more democratic way than protests. If Gram Sabhas are strengthened, there will be no need to face bullets as people did in Thoothukudi”, he said.
Mr. Hassan further asked his party cadre to work with their counterparts in other political parties to protect that Gram Sabhas are over regularly.
“Without local body elections, there won’t be a panchayat leader. Without a panchayat leader holding these meetings, it will remain something that is being convened by government officials, “ Mr. Haasan told the party workers in Pottipuram at Bodinayakanur in Theni district.
Mr. Haasan asked people to the firm that anther Gram Sabha in person, Mr. Haasan said, “I am only to provide impetus to only one meeting when I go in person. This way, I am able to reach out to people in 72 villages. Since there is a media spotlight on so many villages, the village officials have a reason to reach the place and conduct these Gram Sabhas.”
Later his party cadre to participate in large numbers since last year, Mr. Haasan said that he wanted to know if the Centre would come clean on where it plans to store the nuclear wastes from the power plant.
Mr. Haasan said “There is no precedent for storing nuclear waste in India. There are many experiences across the world about what happens. People are living here. So, people should be told where nuclear wastes are going to be stored in the long term.”
“He also added that he would bring to protect farming even if there were gold and diamonds underneath. “MNM has already said that Delta region should be declared as the ‘Protected Agricultural Zone,” he said.