Karan Singh of Congress says

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: August 08, 2019 18:07 IST
Karan Singh of Congress says

Karan Singh of Congress says "Several Positives in Kashmir Move"
Karan Singh said in a statement that there were several positive points. Ladakh's emergence as a Union Territory is to be welcomed. He gave his statement after three days of the Center terminated the unique status of Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 and announced that it would be divided into two regions of the Union.
He also said that when he was Sadr-e-Risasat, he had suggested the measure for Ladakh way back in 1965. Listing what he saw as positives, he said there would be fresh delimitation which would ensure fair division of political power between the Jammu and Kashmir regions.
Mr Karan also said that the effort should be to achieve complete statehood in Jammu and Kashmir as quickly as possible so that their individuals can at least enjoy the political rights accessible to the remainder of the nation.
Mr Singh said that it was unfair to reject as anti-national the two primary regional parties. Leaders of legitimate political parties in Kashmir should be released as quickly as possible. He also said that in perspective of the drastically changed scenario, a broad-based political dialog has begun with them and with civil society.
Maharaja Hari Singh is the father of Karan Singh. His father was the last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. Karan Singh wrote that with his lifelong participation in Jammu and Kashmir, a country established by his ancestors and for which his dad signed the Accession Instrument in 1947, his primary concern is to promote the welfare of all segments and areas of the country.