Karnataka Political Crisis: Congress mulling disqualification rebel MLAs

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 23, 2019 18:06 IST
Karnataka Political Crisis: Congress mulling disqualification rebel MLAs

Karnataka Political Crisis: Congress mulling disqualification rebel MLAs
According to party sources, Congress is trying to disqualify the 14 rebel MLAs, as it is failed in to convince their MLAs who were got resigned MLAs.
The Congress leader expressed “The rebel MLAs have resigned from the House. They have not resigned as the party members. Thus they can be disqualified,” he said. He also points out “As they have not followed the party’s whip, the party can disqualify them.” Before the MLAs resignations of the party, the total of 225 assembly members, the Congress have 79 MLAs and JD(S) has 37 MLAs. And also having with two independent and BSP member, it had 118 members, in that only a few members to have the majority mark.
Political party has passed the rule, that is all the legislators should have to come and voting as per the party’s guidance during the debate, if the any of the legislators overcome the rule they will be disqualified, as per Article 164 (1B) of Constitution who was disqualified, they are not eligible for the minister up to them during the period, or there will be re-elected. If the MLAs was disqualified by the Anti-Defection law and the Assembly is not dissolved, those were waiting for the Next elections.
Meanwhile, presently the Karnataka assembly was debating on the Kumaraswamy’s motion of the confidence. Speaker announces all the leaders applied to their whip during the trust vote. The Supreme Court order is if the MLAs are disqualified for not attending the meeting.
The congress has earlier accused the BJP of being indulging in horse-trading, a charge denied by the saffron party. The BJP party has secure105 seats, while the Congress party has 79 seats in the Karnataka Assembly elections. JD(S) had won.