KCR to take 16/16 Lok Sabha Seats?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 09, 2019 17:22 IST
KCR to take 16/16 Lok Sabha Seats?

Telangana Chief Minister KCR is eager to win all the 16 parliament Seats in the upcoming Parliament Elections to play a pivotal role in National Politics. Going by the assembly elections results, TRS is leading everywhere except Khammam. When a majority of state in favor of the ruling pink party, erstwhile Khammam was one district where the TRS bagged just one seat while Congress won Six and TDP two and Independent one.
Earlier, we got to know that KCR will not contest in Lok Sabha polls and KCR is currently concentrating on the administration of the state and fulfillment of assurances given. But now according to the sources, KCR changed his mind and he is planning to contest from Khammam and mixed opinions are coming from the party members with that KCR’s bold decision. KCR is of the view that BJP and Congress will not get good numbers and will not be able to form the government on their own. He believes that if TRS manages to win 16 Lok Sabha seats, it will emerge as a formidable force in National Politics.
Party sources said that the TRS showed a clear edge in 14 Lok Sabha seats in recent assembly elections. And they are only weak in only seats that is Mahbubabad and Khammam. If KCR contest from Khammam it will be easy to take 15 Lok Sabha Polls and Mahbubabad is the only seat that will lose from prink party. The final decision is yet to be taken. KCR believes that the next government at the center is not possible without TRS support. If he wins as an MP, he will shift to the center taking a plum cabinet post and in such a case KTR will be made Chief Minister of Telangana.