KTR fires on that website for publishing non-sense on KCR..!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 22, 2019 16:35 IST
KTR fires on that website for publishing non-sense on KCR..!

Gossips travel very fast when they are on celebrities. Recently, a gossip reached to TRS working president K.T Rama Rao about his father KCR through social media. This time KTR is irked by this gossip as this is from the national media outlets,” An article on the channel’s website states about KCR’s ambitions to become Prime Minister of India.”
This article reached KTR through one his follower in twitter. Highlighting this article, Tagging KTR and calling it fake news tweeted by one of KTR’s follower. Responding to his follower’s response, KTR tweeted: “Some news outlets don’t seem to have the basic common sense to do a fact check before publishing utter nonsense. Leave it to the wisdom of the respective editors,” he said.
All this gossip spread because of KCR’s Chandi Yagam to his ambition of becoming PM of the country by forming the federal front. All these articles from the national outlets have been written based on the inputs from a priest from Varanasi who was one of them from Yagam. But writing an article by believing priest’s words is ridiculous and it should be cross-checked once before publishing the story.