Kumaraswamy says, learning English has now become inevitable

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 15, 2019 16:38 IST
Kumaraswamy says, learning English has now become inevitable

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy reiterated his government’s responsibility to protect the language. But, learning English has become ‘inevitable’, he stated.
He said that initiating English-medium sections in 1,000 government schools, but has been drawn flak from some areas. “Nobody should look at these initiatives with any suspicion.”
“Learning English has now become inevitable. A person from a poor family should have access to English education”, he added.
In spite of objections from various collaborators, the State government decided to provide English-medium sections from this year in several schools. Mr. Kumaraswamy said “we need to ensure that the students get quality education and that the teachers are trained. In the coming years, we will give the schools permission (to increase intake)”.
Department officers said that this year, the schools can start with additional sections only if the schools have trained teachers and sufficient infrastructure for students in English medium.
Basavaraj Horatti, MLC, asked the Chief Minister to limit the student strength in English-medium sections for 30 members. “If the government allows more than 30 students in English medium, the Kannada medium sections will be forced to shut down. Before providing permission to increase the number of admissions to English-medium sections, the Chief Minister should think of the fate of Kannada-medium sections at the same schools,” he stated.