Mangalore Erupts, Two Dead

Two anti-CAA protesters got killed in Mangalore as Police stormed a Hospital.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: December 20, 2019 14:34 IST
Mangalore Erupts, Two Dead

Mangalore, coastal Karnataka's largest and most important city, erupted in protest against the CAA, with tragic consequences. Two protesters - Jaleel and Nausheen - were killed in police firing. Curfew in Mangalore is extended up to 22 December, and internet connectivity in the city is shut down by the government.
Late on Thursday evening, videos surfaced of the police storming into Highland Hospital in Mangalore. Huge teams of policemen, carrying lathis and wearing riot gear were breaking down doors, destroying hospital property, and driving away protesters who had gathered in front of the hospital. 
The incident drew considerable criticism on social media. Highland Hospital is Muslim- owned and was one of the main medical establishments to which injured protesters were being taken. The police's heavy-handed approach was seen by many as a symptom of the state's tendency towards absolutism and willingness to use force. 
The Mangalore police, however, insisted that the use of force was necessary and that the crowd itself had become violent. Their official position is that "mischief" in the city was "fomented" by people disguised as journalists from Kerala, and that the protests were not homegrown.