MLA Vedavyas says, avoid plastic, go green to Zomato and Swiggy

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 21, 2019 17:21 IST
MLA Vedavyas says, avoid plastic, go green to Zomato and Swiggy

Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyas Kamath has suggested try to decrease the amount of plastic waste in the city, he tweeted that, requested with the hoteliers in Mangaluru city to “pack the dishes (non-gravy) ordered to be covered in Banana leaf”
The MLA said “Tulunad is famous for having dishes which is made with help of leaves, like Manjel Aretha Gatti (Patholi), Moode, Gunda (Kottige), etc, and we all know how the aroma is coz of it. Let us implement this in packaging, (sic).”
He has requested in twitter to the food delivery apps to “support this cause by supporting out hoteliers of Mangalore in providing the best benefit to them”.
After his posting, the person from Swiggy replied that “That is a great suggestion, Vedavyas! We will make sure to relay this to our Restaurant partners and help implement it as soon as we can.” Moreover, Zomato also replied to Vedavyas post “Thank you for your valuable suggestion. User experience is our top priority and we welcome all constructive ideas that help us improve our services. We will take this up without team so that we can start out as soon as possible.” so many facebook users were replied and appreciated to Vedavyas’s idea. It is useful to farmers, and good demand for the Banana leaves. Used asked? Is it possible for our farmers to provide such huge quantity of Banana leaves 365 days? A banana plantation requires a lot of water facility. Other than the rainy season will our farmers are able to fulfill such demand? He said.