Nadigar Sangam elections pulled off due to irregularities in the voter list

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 20, 2019 15:24 IST
Nadigar Sangam elections pulled off due to irregularities in the voter list

The June 23 elections to elect office bearers of Nadigar Sangam have been delayed by the administrative officer of societies in the allegations of irregularities in the final voter’s list.
The complaints received by 62 members that though they were active members in Sangam, their names are removed from the voter list. They questioned the legality of the decision by the officers to stop the election now, however, their time had expired in October 2018.
Indicating that the election report had said that only members in the list released by South Chennai district register of societies can contest, nominate and vote, the register R Ravindranath stated “While the members list for 2017-2018 is still under consideration, it has to be ascertained based on which year’s members list the elections are conducted.”
Justice N Anand Venkatesh stated that the most famous film actors, (SIAA) South Indian Artistes’ Association, called as Nadigar Sangam was to elect a president, two vice-presidents, a general secretary, treasurer, and a 24-member executive committee. Meantime, the Madras high court postponed the hearing on the Sangam's request for police bandobast to stop the elections. Since the officer of societies had delayed the election, this court cannot listen to the request.
‘Pandavar Ani’ run by the president office-bearers Nasser, Vishal and Karthi, and ’Sankardas Ani’ run by the actor-director Bhagyaraj, Udhaya, and Kutty Padmini are contesting the elections.