Narendra Modi files nomination papers from Varanasi

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 26, 2019 17:45 IST
Narendra Modi files nomination papers from Varanasi

Narendra Modi has filed his nomination papers to fight the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from the Varanasi parliamentary seat. Modi was accompanied by Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, and BJP chief Amit Shah.
Varanasi segment will vote in the seventh phase 2019 Lok Sabha election.
In Varanasi, the contest is between BJP's Narendra Modi, Congress's Ajay Rai, and SP's Shalini Yadav. In 2014 Narendra Modi has won the Varanasi Parliamentary Seat.
In a show his strength, Narendra Modi held a Mega Road Show, before he files his nomination papers.
Earlier Narendra Modi said "Whether I win or not is not important. It's the democracy that should win. Forming the government is in people's hands, running it is our duty."