NASA: Asteroid May collide next year with our Planet (Earth)

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 16, 2019 17:26 IST
NASA: Asteroid May collide next year with our Planet (Earth)

NASA: Asteroid May Collide next year with our Planet (Earth)
Asteroids-space-floating rocky bodies-do does not evoke an especially favourable impression. Well, it seems that another giant asteroid may be on a collision course with Earth and may cause havoc because of its massive size. Currently called 1998 OR2, NASA is tracking the lethal asteroid that could affect the Earth in April next year.
Fortunately, the celestial body is on an aggressive route at the moment, which implies it will run past our planet unless there are some unusual variables involved. CNEOS (NASA's Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies) disclosed that the 1998 OR2 asteroid has an approximate diameter of 13,500 feet and is supposed to post past our planet at 5:56 EDT (3:26 pm IST) on April 29, 2020.
The asteroid at its closest point will be about 0.04205 astronomical units or about 3.9 million miles from the centre of Earth. Well, owing to a few events, the course of the asteroid can be changed and it may also crash into Earth.
The first is the Yarkovsky effect, which is understood to impact the asteroid semi-major axis and can be described as the meaningful force on a heavenly body owing to modifications in a body's temperature caused by internal or external radiation. This could influence the spin and ultimately its orbit of the 1998 OR2 asteroid, causing it to switch to Earth.
The second issue that could relate to the disastrous case of a collision with asteroids is trajectory disruption induced by the keyhole of gravity. This can be defined as a tiny area in space around a planet where the gravity of the planet can change and drag in the orbit of a moving celestial body like an asteroid, causing to a collision.