Nation first, party next, self last’: LK Advani

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: April 05, 2019 20:04 IST
Nation first, party next, self last’: LK Advani

Nation first, party next, self-last’: LK Advani
Reacting for the first time after the BJP fielded party president Amit Shah from Gandhinagar, the former Deputy Prime Minister and BJP's veteran leader LK Advani stated that BJP has never regarded others with different views as enemies or anti-national but only as our adversaries. He also said that 'Nation first, party next, self-last’ has been his guiding principle thorough out his political journey.
The veteran politician who was considered to be the political guru for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared his message through Blogspot addressing the BJP workers. Ahead of the BJP's foundation day, Advani wrote, "This is an important occasion for all of us in the BJP to look back, look ahead and look within."
Mentioning that he was one of the founders of BJP, Advani said that he deemed it to be his duty to share his reflections with the people of India, and more specifically with the millions of workers of the BJP party. "It is my sincere desire that all of us should collectively strive to strengthen the democratic edifice of India. True, elections are a festival of democracy. But they are also an occasion for honest introspection by all the stakeholders in Indian democracy - political parties, mass media, authorities conducting the election process and, above all, the electorate,” he added.
Advani also commented on the electoral reforms and elections that a laying special focus on transparency in political and electoral funding to bring a corruption-free polity was been another priority for BJP. Interestingly, Advani stressed the need for Defence of democracy and democratic traditions, both within the party and in the larger national setting and said that it has been the proud hallmark of the BJP. All along the blog, Advani didn’t try to denounce the Modi-Shah for ignoring his considerations.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first person to react on veteran BJP leader LK Advani blog, mentioning that Advani Ji has perfectly summed up the true essence of BJP. “Proud to be a BJP Karyakarta [BJP worker] and proud that great leaders like LK Advani ji have strengthened it,” he added.