National Leaders in Support with Chandrababu’s Delhi Deeksha

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 11, 2019 16:30 IST
National Leaders in Support with Chandrababu’s Delhi Deeksha

National Leaders in support with Chandrababu’s Dharma Porata Deeksha.
Taking forth the ‘Dharma Porata Deeksha’, protest against Central government over the issue of Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh, the State’s Chief Minister, TDP Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu is observing a day-long hunger strike today at Rajghat. Many of the national and regional leaders who are already part of the Anti-BJP alliance are taking part in and protesting the injustice done to the State.
Mr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister, and an ace economist said that this protest will stand as a testimony against the injustice done to Andhra Pradesh. He also remarked that ” Not only me but all possible parties unanimously stand in solidarity with Chandrababu Naidu Ji in his demand”.
Rahul Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress expressed his support to Mr Naidu at the venue. He said that the Prime Minister instead of serving and developing the country, is robbing the citizens and is bringing threat to the country’s freedom and democracy.
Mulayam Singh, Chairman of Samajwadi Party who also supported the protest recalled his abiding relationship with Mr Naidu. “Citizen’s of Andhra Pradesh are lucky enough to have Naidu Ji as their Chief Minister. His visionary has never stopped serving his people relentlessly which even changed the Indian political scenario. He has worked towards making India what it is today and his role in the making of modern India is crucial. Samajwadi Party will always support him in his cause for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh”, added Mr Mulayam.
Derek O' Brien of All India Trinamool Congress said “I bring you the greetings of Mamatha Banerjee Ji. Modi is answerable to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh about the assurances were given and stop making personal attacks on Naidu Ji. He said that the byword ’Modi hatao, Desh bachao' is all over the nation and there is no cooperative federalism in India under Modi.” He also congratulated Chandrababu Naidu and TDP for their fight against the plunder in the country. “National Institutes like CBI has become BJP's allies now which is a big threat to the country’s democracy”, Mr. Derek added.
Sharad Yadav another prominent leader who supported the protest said that Mr Naidu's efforts in creating the United Front government are appreciable. He emphasized that the need for NDA government to remember that they are putting Indian Democracy in danger putting all the efforts and sacrifices made by leaders and freedom fighters in vain. ”Both the Parliament and Country witnessed every discussion over bifurcation of United Andhra Pradesh and all the promises and assurances should be fulfilled at any cost. We support Mr Naidu in his fast against the Central government. BJP should be ready to face the severe consequences," he explained. 
Other leaders like Farooq Abdullah, Chairman of J&K National Conference, Aam Aadmi Party’s National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal and several other political parties’ leaders have come forward to express their solidarity with the TDP Chief. 
Speaking from the Deeksha venue, Chandrababu said “ Every citizen’s opinions should be respected. I thank each and everybody who has made an effort to visit us at the fast venue and are expressing their support.”  He also said that several parties have supported them believing that Andhra Pradesh has a rightful share. “I condemn Narendra Modi's discriminatory attitude towards Non-BJP states and regional parties.”
After the fast which will go on till 8 pm today, Mr Naidu is likely to submit a memorandum to President Ramnath Kovind tomorrow