New CEO for IT mammoth

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 07, 2019 18:29 IST
New CEO for IT mammoth

Cognizant is one of the biggest IT mammoth, it is an American multinational corporation which is founded on January 26th 1994 by Kumar Mahadeva who is Sri Lankan American. Cognizant is the world’s fourth most admired IT services company and generates around 16.12 billion USD yearly.
Recently cognizant's CEO Fransisco D’Souza and president Rajeev Mehta stepped down from their positions and for the first time in cognizant's history, it hired an outsider for the top position of the company. The company appointed Brian Humphries as the new CEO of the company.
Brian Humphries previously worked as the CEO and member of the board of directors of the Vodafone business and will join cognizant as CEO on April 1st 2019. Brian graduated from the University of Ulster in Bachelor’s of business administration and his first job was an analyst, business development and marketing operations. He also worked with Hewlett-Packard, emerging markets as senior vice president and worked as president in Dell.