No mention of Edappadi K Palaniswami ascension in meet

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 13, 2019 17:41 IST
No mention of Edappadi K Palaniswami ascension in meet

While the awaited AIADMK high-level approach on Wednesday rotated out be damp ridicule, party coordinator and deputy CM O Paneerselvam appears to have enclosed his ground before to finish any move to oust or sidemen him.
In spite of posters, welcoming CM and party’s joint coordinator Edappadi K Palaniswami to receive held ad AIADMK general secretary, as move up near the venue shocked, there was not even a whisper inside the meeting hall talk over the issue. As the unitary leadership issue was not even held, for the first time in various months, OPS echoed hard and had a sense of declaration in what he stated AIADMK sources stated.
A senior AIADMK leader said “Unlike EPS, who spoke for 45 minutes, the speech by OPS was brief and would have lasted about 5-10 minutes. Reiterating the fact that the party does not have any mass leaders as it used to be in the days of MGR and Jayalalitha, he stated it is going through a phase were cadres have become leaders. It needs some more times for the transition and the leaders to consolidate.”
As per him, worrying that point further OPS demanded on possessing an 11-member administrative committee to lead the party and remembered the passing of like a decision at the party’s last general council meeting on September 12, 2017. He compared the committee to that of a Politburo in the Communist parties or the CWC in the Congress.
OPS said in the meeting “The committee should be the guiding force and suggest options, while the final call will be taken by the leadership (high command). We cannot delay this any further and I will announce the names of leaders in the administrative committee in two weeks from now.”
Any another way, the majority of EPS speech went into surveying the act of the aptly in the new over Lok Sabha elections also assembly byelections. EPS stated that “The DMK was successful in unleashing a false campaign against us and we failed to counter that. Moreover, while the DMK had sort of carried forward its alliance from the assembly elections and added a few more parties, we were able to form an alliance just 15 days before the elections schedule was announced and we could not combinedly reach out to people.”
Party committee chairman, E Madhusudhanan required the ministers to address the necessity of the party cadres and support them facilities at the ground level for the good of the party. AIADMK deputy coordinator K P Munusamy highlighted the fact that the party had successfully lost its important enemy (T T V Dhinakaran).