No more Toll Plazas in future..!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 27, 2019 15:56 IST
No more Toll Plazas in future..!

Toll Plazas are the things that irritate you at times and often appears as hurdles on highways. Especially during the festival seasons, they become a nightmare by causing severe inconvenience with long traffic jams at toll plazas. At the time it felt inevitable, The National Highways of Authority (NHAI) has come up with a new concept to tackle this situation.
In general, the commuters who are going to distance places must pay at the outlets. Instead of that, the two or more wheeler will be installed with "On-Board Unit" which will be using 'Radio Frequency Identification' technology. With the help of this, the ‘on-board unit' will take a note of the radio frequency when a commuter travels from one place to another and deducts the amount from commuter's bank account.
This is being implemented in Mumbai and Delhi highways and if turns successful there without any challenges, NHAI will apply this method all over this country as soon as possible. Well, this looks like a revolutionary concept and will be definitely appreciated by commuters big time. It seems like “ Once upon a time when toll plazas were present..” times are not too far.