Nuclear Cruise Missile got involved in accidental blast in Russia

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: August 10, 2019 17:08 IST
Nuclear Cruise Missile got involved in accidental blast in Russia

Nuclear Cruise Missile got involved in Accidental Blast in Russia
On Friday, U.S. nuclear specialists said they suspected an accidental blast and radiation release in northern Russia this week happened during a nuclear-powered cruise missile tested. Cited by state-run media outlets, the Russian Ministry of Defence said two individuals died and six were wounded on Thursday in an explosion of a liquid propellant rocket engine.
There have been no releases of hazardous substances, it said. Russia's state-owned nuclear agency Rosatom said five of its employees members died early on Saturday. The declaration does not specifically mention Burevestnik, but in many respects, Rosatom's overall description gave comparable sounds to what is known about the propulsion scheme of this weapon.
In a declaration on the municipal website, a spokeswoman for Severodvinsk, a town of 185,000 near the test site in the Arkhangelsk region, was cited as stating that a "short-term" surge was registered in background radiation on Thursday at midnight.
An adjunct senior fellow with the Federation of American Scientists “Ankit Panda” said that the exploding liquid fuel missile motors do not release radiation, and we understand that the Russians are working on some kind of nuclear propulsion for a cruise missile.
The officer said that they continued to monitor occurrences in the far north of Russia, but they were assured by Moscow that 'everything is normal'. This reminds them of a series of events in Chernobyl that question whether the Kremlin prioritizes Russian people's welfare over keeping its own hold on power and control over fragile corruption streams.