P Chidambaram greets 3 declarations by PM speech on Independence Day

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 16, 2019 17:32 IST
P Chidambaram greets 3 declarations by PM speech on Independence Day

P Chidambaram Greets 3 declarations by PM Speech on Independence Day

Leader of the Senior Congress P. Chidambaram, on Friday, praised the view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on population boom, removing plastic single-use and appreciating wealth creators. He said in his tweet that we must all welcome three declarations produced on Independence Day by the Prime Minister. Small families are a civil duty, honour wealth creators and reject plastic for single use.
The former Finance Minister also said that of the three announcements, he hopes that the Minister of Finance and her horde of tax officers and investigators noticed the second announcement of the Prime Minister.
P Chidambaram said relating to the population and eliminating the use of plastics that the first and third announcement must be the movement of the people. There are dozens of devoted mandatory organizations willing to lead the movements at the local level.
His comments came one day after PM Modi during his announcement on Independence Day from the Red Fort walls, saying that the population boom will cause many issues for the future generations.
PM Modi also said in the speech that there is a careful section of people that prevents thinking about how they will do justice to the child, offer them everything they desire, before bringing a baby to the world. They get a small family and convey to the nation their national pride.
Speaking of the creators of riches, PM Modi said the development of riches is a wonderful national service.