Pakistan stops Samjhauta express at Wagah

Written By Siva Sai Teja | Updated: August 08, 2019 18:08 IST
Pakistan stops Samjhauta express at Wagah

Pakistan stops Samjhauta Express at Wagah
The passengers of Samjhauta Express had to wait nearly three hours at the Wagah border. The training was coming from Lahore of Pakistan. Today as Islamabad stated it was shutting down the train service as part of its retaliatory action against the Jammu and Kashmir ruling of the centre.
The railway minister of Pakistan told that they had decided to shut down Samjhauta Express. As long as he is the railways minister, Samjhauta Express can't function.
When the train reached at Wagah at 1 pm, Pakistan stopped the train to go further. They requested that the Indian crew come across the Indian Territory and drive it through. The Indian team took over after almost three hours and the train began on its manner to Attari.
Pakistan expelled the Indian ambassador to Islamabad yesterday and announced a five-point plan that included a downgrade of its relations with India. There is also a suspension of bilateral trade in reaction to the government's move to end Jammu and Kashmir's unique status and divide it into two Union Territories.
Islamabad also stated it will appeal to the Security Council of the United Nation on the matter. The foreign minister said that they had seen reports that Pakistan had chosen to take some unilateral action in its bilateral relations with India. The purpose behind Pakistan's action "is clearly to present the universe of our bilateral relations with an alarming image," read the ministry's declaration.