Parle G: India's largest biscuit-maker may fire up to 10,000 employees

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 21, 2019 17:20 IST
Parle G: India's largest biscuit-maker may fire up to 10,000 employees

Parle Products Pvt Ltd, the biggest biscuit manufacturer in the country. A business executive said on Wednesday that it could lay off up to 10,000 employees as delaying economic development and decreasing consumption in rural areas could result in manufacturing reductions.
A decline in Asia's third-largest economy is deforming revenues of everything from vehicles to garments, causing firms to restrict manufacturing, and increasing expectations that the government will announce a financial incentive to restart development.
In a telephone interview, Mayank Shah, the head of competition at Parle, said a big drop in Parle's biscuit profits means the business might have to reduce manufacturing, which may result in 8,000-10,000 individuals being layoff.
He also said that the condition is so terrible that unless the state instantly intervenes. They may be compelled to remove these roles. Parle, established in 1929, hires approximately 1, 00,000 individuals, such as direct and salaried managers throughout 10 corporate installations and 125 contract manufacturing factories.
Mr Shah said supply for famous Parle biscuit products like Parle-G had deteriorated since the govt launched a national products and services tax (GST) in 2017, which placed a greater tax on biscuits priced as low as Rs. 5 per pack.
He also said that the greater taxes compelled Parle in each pack to give fewer biscuits, striking supply from rural India's smaller-income customers, contributing more than half of Parle's income.
Mr Shah said that Customers here are highly-priced. They are highly aware of the number of biscuits they get at a certain cost.