Pawan Kalyan reacts on Rapaka’s case in an unexpected way

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 13, 2019 20:59 IST
Pawan Kalyan reacts on Rapaka’s case in an unexpected way

Janasena party president, Pawan Kalyan reacted on the NBW (Non-bailable warrant) issued against their one and only MLA, Rapaka Vara Prasad. His words to defend the MLA aren’t rational by any means. Indeed, he said that he was tracking on the entire incident and there is nothing wrong on Rapaka’s side.

"As Rapaka knows a person who was detained by the cops, he went to the police station for bail. Instead of issuing the bail, the police filed a case against Rapaka and then issued a non-bailable warrant against him," said Pawan Kalyan which is logical. After that, he compared this case to another issue where reportedly, a YSRCP MLA tried to kidnap a journalist. Pawan spoke like any other politician by comparing a completely unrelated issue with this one.
Pawan Kalyan said that the YSRCP MLA was left with a small namesake case but the government instinctively making a small issue into big and it is treating their party MLAs in a different way. The question is why political parties should involve in law and order issues? Either it is Rapaka or Jagan, there is nothing they have to do with the cases filed by Police.
Pawan once said that he is the one who respects the law and governance and wouldn’t tolerate his own leaders doing any mistake. And now, Pawan appealed the government and police to let go of the case. Is it how a responsible leader should behave? Let’s see how the ruling party reacts on Pawan’s comments.