Pawan Kalyan threatened his own candidate !

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 15, 2019 11:13 IST
Pawan Kalyan threatened his own candidate !

Pawan Kalyan threatened his own candidate!
Pawan Kalyan is being considered as an effective leader to bring some desirable change in current politics. This actor turned politician garnered massive support in no time as soon as he entered politics. To know how much Pawan succeeded in his political journey will be decided by the number of seats he would obtain in the election results next month.
Pawan is very obsessed with his principles and one news has been going viral from a couple of days that Pawan Kalyan threatened one of his own candidates who tried to break the party’s primary principles. Reportedly, during the electoral polls, one of the Janasena candidates has tried to distribute money in his constituency.
But as soon as Pawan knew about this, he warned the candidate in mobile not to do such things. It was said that he even told him that he wouldn’t think twice to reveal his name infant of everyone his he commits to such kind of illegitimate deeds.