Pawan Kalyan's comments triggered Pakistan's media

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 01, 2019 22:46 IST
Pawan Kalyan's comments triggered Pakistan's media

Pawan Kalyan's comments triggered Pakistan's media
Yet again, Pawan Kalyan has triggered the controversies but this time it is on an international burning issue which attracted not only national but also global media.
Actor-turned-politician and Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan has claimed that he was aware of the present inevitable situation between India and Pakistan well before two years. He said that he was told about these war-like circumstances would be created ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.
He made the remarks while addressing the public at Allagadda, Kurnool which has become controversial amidst the heated atmosphere between the two countries. “Today, there is a war-like situation along the borders. I was told two years ago that there would be a war ahead of the general elections. Now, you need to understand what kind of a situation we are in,” said the party chief.
He also claimed that BJP leaders have their own meaning for patriotism and said that war is definitely not the solution. “BJP is not the only ones who are striving for the nation’s integrity. We all do and in fact 10 times more than them,” he added.
The Pakistani media is now constantly airing the clips of Pawan’s speech which is portraying that India wanted to create the situations deliberately and his comments are helping the country blame India. Political critics have opined that Pawan’s comments on the India-Pakistan issue are unfortunate which has also proved that he is unaware of the seriousness of the national issue.
However, Pawan Kalyan responded on the issue and clarified that he spoke only what some of our Indian political analysts said and he doesn’t have any information from the Pakistan sources.