Pawan kalyan's outstanding move is gaining applause all over!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 07, 2019 09:59 IST
Pawan kalyan's outstanding move is gaining applause all over!

Janasena Party president, Pawan Kalyan launched President Leadership Programme and offered leadership to various youngsters from various departments. This is the first time in Indian political history where youngsters were offered certain leadership. Pawan Kalyan is well known for his bold and rational moves to breach the barriers of the conventional political system.

" It is very great to see youth stepping up voluntarily to react and assist on social issues instead of pursuing a financial career. These members have been working for social welfares in the respective departments in which they were graduated. Jogi Naidu will be the convenor of this leadership system who left his job in Narsipet after his post graduation who can’t tolerate how the system is being working for years.", Pawan Kalyan said.
"It is very hard to rise from the non-political background in responding to social issues but these guys sorted out who will give their valuable suggestions in resolving the social issues. These guys after pursuing their Engineering career, came forward without having a job is such a great thing", he added. 
This move from Pawan Kalyan is very idealistic and considered as out of the box from political analysts. This will certainly fill his followers, fans and volunteers with extra josh in all activities that Janasena is going to do. The belief of Pawan on Youth to play a pivot role for a better society is really outstanding.