PM Modi: India will have chief of Defence Staff

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 15, 2019 22:13 IST
PM Modi: India will have chief of Defence Staff

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a Chief of Defence Staff would be the head of the three services in a significant announcement concerning India on its 73rd Independence Day. He said in his Rem Fort Speech that our strength is the dignity of India. He has chosen to declare a significant Red Fort choice to further refine the teamwork between the forces. India's going to have a Defence Staff Chief-CDS. This would make the armies even more efficient. It continued his speech for 93-minute.

A Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), though either an Army, Navy or Air Force four-star officer, will be head of the department to the chiefs of service and a single point of contact between the Armed Forces and the Prime Minister.

The CDS is intended to optimize and prioritize defence spending in order to satisfy the national security demands of India. A commission set up after the 1999 Kargil War first suggested a chief of defence staff to supervise the army.

After the conflict that was caused by Pakistani soldiers trying to infiltrate India and occupying important heights in the Kargil hills, the commission was set up to examine the safety failures. It called for the Defence Minister to be a Chief of Defence Staff as a one-point army consultant.

Former chief of the army, General Ved Prakash Malik (retd), who was chief of the army during the Kargil Conflict, instantly greeted the press release of the Prime Minister.

He twitted “Thank you PM Modi for announcing the CDS institution's historic step. This would make our domestic safety more efficient and cost-effective. It will guarantee better co-management and multidisciplinary coordination. Salute”.