PM says we will repeat Tripura in Kerala

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 17, 2019 12:35 IST
PM says we will repeat Tripura in Kerala

Coming down heavily on both the fronts in Kerala and reminding them the example of Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 15 said the position taken by the LDF on the Sabarimala issue will go down in history as the most shameful behaviour by any party or government.
“For the past few months the entire nation has been discussing Sabarimala. We know the communists do not respect Indian history, culture and spirituality. But nobody expected such hatred,” he said inaugurating a public rally of BJP workers from the Kollam, Alappuzha and Mavelikara constituencies in Kollam.
Addressing the crowd at the event, which also officially marked the beginning of BJP’s election campaign in Kerala, he added, "From zero we formed a government in Tripura and what happened in Tripura will repeat in Kerala.”
Mr. Modi said that the Congress, with their multiple stands, is no better than the ruling front. “They have one position in Parliament and a different one in Pathanamthitta. I challenge the UDF to clearly state their stand on the issue. Your doublespeak has been exposed.”
Mr. Modi added that the BJP’s stand on the issue had always been very clear. “If there has been any party at the forefront standing with Kerala and its culture, it’s the BJP. For us the people of Kerala and their aspirations are not a matter of convenience, but our conviction,” he said.
Mr. Modi also alleged that that despite the Congress making tall claims about gender justice and social justice, their actions have been exactly the opposite. “The NDA government has been working towards abolishing triple talaq and the communists and the Congress are opposing it. Triple talaq is a grave injustice to women, but driven by vote bank politics they are supporting it.
The female population in Kerala should ask the LDF and the UDF why are they supporting this practice,” he said.
Commenting on the economic reservation bill he said, “Few days ago, our government had the historic opportunity to pass a legislation that gives 10% reservation to poor people from the general category.
We believe that every Indian of any caste, creed and community deserves equal opportunity. And the only MPs who opposed it belongs to the IUML, the second largest partner of the UDF.”
Calling the UDF and the LDF two sides of the same coin the Prime Minister added both the fronts are the same when it comes to corruption, casteism and communalism.
“In political violence and in damaging Kerala’s cultural fabric they are the same,” he said.
Meanwhile, the CPMI(M) responded to the Prime Minister’s speech with a tweet, “Shameful that Modi attacked the LDF government for implementing Supreme Court's order on #Sabarimala while inaugurating a project in Kollam in Kerala.
Modi should read the Indian Constitution which he is sworn to uphold rather than Manusmriti or RSS oath! (sic)”.
In another tweet the party said: “And Modi should stop giving lectures on culture and history. Modi, Your culture is Hitler’s culture! Don’t disturb God’s Own Country by your hate! (sic).”