PMK begins introspecting on Lok Sabha election defeat

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 19, 2019 16:43 IST
PMK begins introspecting on Lok Sabha election defeat

The PMK party has to introspect on its collapse in the recent polls in which the candidates defeated by the very substantial difference in all seven constituencies from as the AIADMK-led alliance.
Party sources stated PMK chief S. Ramadoss held a meeting with senior leaders at Thailapuram last week to examine the results. The leadership reflected on the inconsistency among the party’s membership on paper and the vote it had polled. “Scrutiny indicated that there was a lot of disparity. We have been asked to look into the issue,” the source said.
A senior worker expressed that the leadership ’s decision to join with the AIADMK after keen censuring it in the months leading up to the elections was one of the major reasons for the poll defeat.
The party is keen on going with a coalition with the AIADMK for the local body elections. K. Balu, the leading Advocates’ Forum or Special Justice, which is belonging to the PMK, stated the party’s agreement with the AIADMK and the BJP will continue. “The linking of Krishna and Godavari rivers has been taken up by the Centre. As far as the Salem-Chennai 8-lane highway project is concerned, there is an ongoing court case and the State government can’t do anything. The alliance will continue”, he stated.
He said that “We have taken up issues like prohibition, representation for Tamil Nadu in the appointment of Supreme Court judges and so on. We will continue to focus on these issues and look for ways to resolve them.”