Prashant Kishor with the backup plan if Modi fails

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 19, 2019 12:57 IST
Prashant Kishor with the backup plan if Modi fails

Prashant Kishor with the backup plan if Modi fails
Prashant Kishor, a well-known Indian political strategist and politician who came to the limelight which his strategies behind election campaigns for Narendra Modi as he became the Prime Minister. His organisation Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) has paid a vital role in 2014 General Elections for BJP. It also contributed to the Janata Dal United's (JDU) win in Bihar, Congress in Punjab elections and Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh.
Most of the political analysts for regional parties are taking up the reports of Prashant Kishor as case studies to analyse the political scenarios in their state. For now, Prashant Kishor is working on the strategies to ensure that some influent region parties support the NDA government in critical times when it needs the majority. On this go, I-PAC has reportedly suggested the Shiv Sena continue its alliance with the BJP for General Elections.
PK had framed this as a backup plan suggesting Bihar CM and JDU Chief Nitish Kumar's name as the PM candidate if the BJP falls short in case of a badly hung verdict. According to the poll, PK has analysed that if the hung verdict is inevitable, regional and non-NDA allies could have at least 100-120 MPs in hand supporting a leader like Nitish Kumar. Is this an alternative plan if NDA government doesn’t win?
On the other hand, I-PAC is also working for YSR Congress' campaign in Andhra Pradesh for the coming assembly elections. Pk has also evaluated that regional parties like YSR Congress Party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi, Odisha's Biju Janata Dal and AIADMK from Tamil Nadu would support Nitish as a PM-candidate. He also expressed his confidence that TRS and YSRCP are already on the move.
Coming to YSRCP-TRS alliance, Telugu states would at least contribute of a minimum 35 MP seats, in case of a hung verdict in Lok Sabha polls. With this, it becomes evident that Prashant Kishor is the one behind the YSRCP-TRS alliance suggestion.