Rahul Gandhi: Kashmir is India’s internal issue, Pak provoking violence

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 28, 2019 17:55 IST
Rahul Gandhi: Kashmir is India’s internal issue, Pak provoking violence

Rahul Gandhi in his series of tweets has set his record straight. On an alleged petition of the Pakistani government to the UN on Jammu and Kashmir and added that though he disagreed the government on many issues. He made it clear that Kashmir is India's internal issue and violence in Jammu and Kashmir is instigated by Pakistan.

The tweets got much importance criticizing the government's poor handling of Jammu and Kashmir issue. The Congress leader got stopped from visiting Srinagar and had to leave from the airport.
The Congress issued a declaration responding to "reports citing an alleged petition moved by Pakistani Government to UN on Jammu & Kashmir" in which Rahul Gandhi was "miserly drawn to explain Pakistan's bunch of lies and intentional false information."
Rahul Gandhi tweeted that on many problems, he disagrees with this administration. But made totally clear that Kashmir is the internal problem of India and there is no space for interference from Pakistan or any other foreign country.
He also said that in Jammu and Kashmir, there is violence. There is violence because Pakistan, which is recognized to be the world's leading proponent of terrorist attacks, instigates and supports it.
On Saturday, after being sent back from Srinagar airport by Rahul Gandhi and other opposition politicians, he said it was evident that things in J&K are not normal.