Ridicule of Kashmir move by Dr Amartya Sen

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 20, 2019 16:56 IST
Ridicule of Kashmir move by Dr Amartya Sen

Nobel Prize winner Dr Amartya Sen strongly criticized the move of the state on Kashmir on Monday, stating that it not only stressed the rule of the majority 'as opposed to upholding the rights of all people.'

He said in an interview that without democracy, he didn't believe you will eventually have any resolution in Kashmir. Trying to point out the gaps in the government's multi-level decision, the 85-year-old told that as an Indian, he was not proud that India, having done so much to attain the world's democratic standard. He also said that where India was the first non-Western nation to go for democracy. He is losing that reputation on the basis of action taken.
Earlier in the month, the administration's move to end the unique status of Jammu and Kashmir and to divide the state into two union territories has earned political and popular assistance. Many leading opposition parties and national leaders supported the differentiation bill.
Even a segment of Congress rulers applauded the end of the unique status that has now matched Jammu and Kashmir with the remainder of the nation. Also swaying with its own constitution, flag, penal code, and the authority to decide who is buying property in the nation. In advance of the likelihood of individuals from other countries buying property in Jammu and Kashmir. Amartya Sen said it should have been that something for the state's individuals (Jammu and Kashmir) to decide.