Sabitha Indra Reddy to join TRS with her son

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 12, 2019 22:42 IST
Sabitha Indra Reddy to join TRS with her son

Sabitha Indra Reddy to join TRS with her son Karthik Reddy
Maheshwaram MLA Sabitha Indra Reddy made a shocking announcement that she will be joining TRS party. Though Congress working president Revanth Reddy has held few talks with her, seems like Sabitha is not impressed by the offer made by the party.
This decision taken in favour of TRS came to the upset of leaders and officials of Congress party. It was reported that Sabitha would join TRS probably on Wednesday along with her son Karthik Reddy, one of the budding politicians. With this step taken by Sabita who will be contesting from Chevella, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy from Congress party would face a strong contender in the constituency.
Abuzz is that Congress has tried every possible thing to hold back one of the influential leaders which however went in vain. Murmurs are doing rounds that Sabita is upset with the TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy who rejected to offer the ticket to Karthik Reddy which probably irked Sabita.
The announcement came to the surprise of political circles as Congress failed to negotiate with one of the loyal leaders it had.