Serious tests await AIADMK following a temporary truce

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Serious tests await AIADMK following a temporary truce

The AIADMK leadership may have got a temporary break from its internal problems by avoiding discussion on various issues troubling the party at its June 12 meeting. In spite of that, wait for it in the choosing of candidates for Rajya Sabha relations, the time table for which could be declared in the upcoming days.
With AIADMK coordinator and Deputy CM O Paneerselvam said to meet on June 12 meeting, to declare the names of the 11-member steering committee in two weeks’ time that also is yet to draw any attention so far. In the five days from that meeting, both OPS and joint coordinator and CM Edappadi K Palaniswami were hardly in Chennai, with OPS away in his city and EPS had to be present meetings at New Delhi.
A senior leader said to the media, “There has been no further discussion, within the party, on any issue after the June 12 meeting, barring a closed-door meeting that OPS and EPS had along with party deputy coordinators K P Munusamy and R Vaithilingam soon after that meeting in the AIADMK headquarters. Now that EPS is back in Chennai from New Delhi and OPS expected to return to the city on Monday, things could kickstart.”
The Election Commission had declared the time table for filing six Rajya Sabha seats, which fell vacant, in the Bihar State, Gujarat and Odisha, with a formal notification to be passed. The declaration of schedule for assigning the six Rajya Sabha seats from Tamil Nadu is awaited to be made held next few days. “Despite the differences that continue to exist between them, the two leaders cannot delay deliberation any further. With just a few days for the schedule to be announced and several aspirants from within the party, especially with all the bigwigs now eyeing a seat in the Rajya Sabha, things cannot wait for the long,” the senior leader expressed.
Meantime, the promise created by OPS on the running committee could turn out to be a test for his leadership qualities. “This is not the first time OPS had made tall announcements at such party meetings. In the past also, he had insisted that the steering committee be constituted and that the party go back to the one-leader-one post concept” moreover another AIADMK senior leader stated. “But, he never followed them up in the subsequent meetings. If the same happens this time too, party men will understand he uses such announcements as a diversionary tactic to escape scrutiny, especially in the wake of his recent failed attempt to get a berth for his son in the Union Cabinet,” the leader said.

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After Tamilnadu and Mumbai, journalists in Telangana affected with COVID-19; more details inside

Amidst the chaos caused by COVID-19, Government and the public are taking necessary precautions to control the malicious spread of the virus. But still, the virus seems to spread because of minor negligence and carelessness of some. The journalists are the essential social workers, who are carrying the duty of reporting the news to the public. Unfortunately, even journalists are getting affected by the virus. A few cases in the state of Tamil Nadu and Mumbai panicked everyone. A recent report states that a Telugu journalist has also been affected by this virus and has tested positive for COVID-19.
Mehboobnagar NTV staff reporter Ahmad Pasha, Cameraman Srinivas, and T-News staff reporter Naresh have tested positive. They have been moved to the isolation chambers at Mehboobnagar Government Hospital. Along with them are Prime 9 News staff reporter Shankar (Kotthapet), AP 24/7 staff reporter Harishankar (Gadwal).
While investigating their cause, it seems that they've got infected from Gadwal MLA Krishna Mohan Reddy. The MLA participated in the cremation ritual of his brother. MLA's brother passed away because of COVID-19. It looks like they've met him for consolation and had lunch with him. This has been recognized as the cause and it looks like each one of them went back to their homes after their lunch. Doctors and authorities are processing tests for their families too. The affected have moved them into isolation. They've alerted all the media personalities and channels to proceed with proper safety measures. The journalists are also under a keen watch now. They are taking strict measures.

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FEFSI Union Head RK Selvamani requests actors and actress to lend a helping hand

With the rise in the number of positive coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu, the state government has imposed a lockdown. The lockdown has had a huge impact on the film industry. The Union Head of the Film Employees Federation of South India has released a statement. In the statement, the union head reveals the dire state of the union workers.

He says the virus has disturbed the nation and society. It has crippled the workers and technicians from being able to earn a living. The union has over 25,000 members and nearly 10,000 of them are daily wage workers. With the shutting of film shoots, they lost their source of income.
Selvamani cites the example of a lightman who is unable to met day to day expenses. Selvamani urges the film fraternity to come forward and help the union in this time of crisis.
Selvamani has requested his fellow film industry colleagues, especially those who are doing well to support their needy industry mates. He has stated that if they were to help each family to get a pack of rice, it will cost them about 2 crore rupees. He has urged the film fraternity to help the families of workers without whom they the production of films will be impossible.
Actors such as Suriya, Karthi, Roshan and Manobala have come forward to help.
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Super Star Rajinikanth's strategy going to fail?

Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth said today that there should be more space for young people - those under the age of 45 - in politics. The 69-year-old superstar, whose entry into electoral politics is keenly anticipated ahead of Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu next year, also played down talk of chief ministership, saying he had "never imagined me as Chief Minister" and "only want(ed) change".

We need a good leader. A good leader is someone who creates leaders. It is selflessness that drives me. I want a movement and a wave to come up. I believe there will be a wave to fill the leadership wave created by the death of Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi," he said. I have decided to be the party head, Rajinikanth said. "My proposal includes appointing educated and compassionate youngster as chief minister," he said. If he made the plunge, he said, he will encourage retired bureaucrats, judges and IPS and IAS officers would enter politics. He also called for a clear division between party and government.
Who will be the chief minister? Rajinikanth named no names at the Chennai event where his political vision outlined. But the veteran actor said he would pick a responsible, self-respecting person. After hearing this, we can recollect these words from someone from Telangana. Yes. During the Telangana movement, KCR announced that apart from him, he will make some other person as CM. Rajini's words are quite similar to KCR. Sources say that, as KCR failed to keep his promise, Rajini also might fail. If he really wants to see a change, it's a good thought of making someone else as CM. But if not? People will not believe Rajini anymore.